Sacred Heart Online Giving

Welcome to Sacred Heart's Electronic Online Giving Program!
Sacred Heart is excited to offer our parishioners the opportunity to donate to the offertory and other collections electronically. Online Giving is safe, secure, accurate, and all donated funds go directly to Sacred Heart Parish. Online giving is a great way to support our parish consistently and privately - all donation transactions are set up the way you want. They can be repeating payments from a credit card or checking account, or you can go online and make a transaction each week. Set up your account on the Online Giving page by clicking the button below!
Click Here to Go To Online Giving Website 
Here are a few benefits of setting up your online giving account:
1. Convenience
You don't need to write checks or bring cash to church, so no more worrying about whether or not you wrote out the check or if you remembered to bring enough cash for your envelope. You schedule payments in the comfort of your home or office.
2. Peace of Mind
Even if you are unable to attend Mass at Sacred Heart Church due to travel or other scheduled events, you can be assured that Sacred Heart will still receive your contribution. While you are away, meeting the financial needs of your parish still depends upon your support. You can set it up and know you are helping to take care of Sacred Heart.
3. Security
Online giving is actually more secure than writing a check. A check can be lost, misplaced, or stolen. The electronic online giving website provides safe, secure transactions that are encrypted. Credit card and checking information is not stored on the Sacred Heart website. It is only stored on the website conducting the transaction and only if you set up donations as recurring (such as weekly or monthly). Think of online shopping websites that you might frequently use which store your payment information for the convenience of your return shopping. Online giving uses the same sort of security.
4. Accuracy
All of your contributions are recorded for you on your bank statement with date of settlement. The record of your donation is also kept in a database so that Sacred Heart can keep track of your contributions. If you set up your giving as a recurring payment, giving weekly for example, you will see an item on your statement reflecting those transactions.
5. It Costs You Nothing!
Other than your contribution amount, giving electronically online costs nothing extra. Every cent that you donate is given directly to the offertory or special collection that you specifically choose. No money is ever taken from your contribution to pay for any transaction fees, etc.
If you have any questions about online giving, please contact the Parish Office.