As participants in the Ministry of the Word, these volunteers proclaim the scriptures at Mass and read the Prayer of the Faithful (also known as the General Intercessions). In addition, at the beginning of Mass, the lectors welcome the congregation and announce for whom the Mass is being celebrated. At the conclusion of Mass, they announce upcoming meetings, activities, and events in which parishioners might wish to participate.
Joseph Urciuoli
Douglas Ovian
James MacRae
Jack Logan
Joseph Lawrence
Peter Jones
Sheila Houlihan
Peter Gallacher
Cristina Caruk
Terry Brown
Roxann Barone-LeBlanc
Linda Bantell
Linda Bayer
If you would like to serve as a lector, please email SacredHeartInfo@aol.com or talk with Deacon James Tanguay or any of the current lectors.