Eucharistic Ministers

"To bring the broken Body of our Lord, self-sacrificed for the forgiveness of our sins, to fellow parishioners -- young and old, strong and weak, from all walks of life and carrying with them all their life's experience:  this is an awesome and humbling ministry."
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (more commonly known as "Eucharistic Ministers") assist the celebrant of the Mass in distributing Holy Communion. Some also volunteer to distribute Holy Communion to home-bound parishioners and nursing home residents. Eucharistic Ministers begin their ministry with an evening of training and reflection. Our parish's current Eucharistic Ministers are:

Don Francis
Bob Lopez
Diane Lopez
James MacRae
Lee Ohanian 
Jean O'Keefe
Carol Pasternak
Bob Pelletier
Lori Schuberth
Carol Tedone
Jim Tracy
Kris Tracy
If you would like to serve as a Eucharistic Minister, please contact Deacon James Tanguay or any of the Eucharistic Ministers.