Buildings and Ground Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is responsible for advising on and assisting with the maintenance and safety of the parish property. The Committee coordinates the spring and fall parish clean-ups and facility improvement days.

Some of the recent repairs and upkeep the committee has facilitated include repairs to plumbing and electrical systems in the parish hall kitchen all thanks to parishioner volunteer labor.  

New, energy efficient lighting in the parish hall was installed February 2012 thanks to a donation from the Sacred Heart Men’s Club and free installation by parishioner Joe Bordieri of Bordieri Electric. Thank you, Men's Club and Joe!

During summer 2012, new heating and air conditioning systems were installed to replace malfunctioning or non-functional fifty-year-old original equipment. The generosity of parishioners, from increased donations to the monthly collection for church capital projects to several anonymous and extraordinarily generous gifts, was simply remarkable and will benefit the parish for many years. Also, the church entryway was repaved to eliminate trip hazards and drainage and ponding problems. In 2012-13, the church exterior trim was scraped, primed, and given a fresh coat of paint.

In Spring 2013, the original windows in the church hall -- long in serious disrepair and highly inefficient even where they could be forced to close -- were replaced with energy-efficient, double-glazed and insulated windows. Several other original windows in the hall complex were also replaced.  This project showcases the "little parish's big heart!" Much of the funding was provided by substantial, unsolicited gifts by several parishioners, a donation by the Men's Club, and funds raised at the successful (and fun!) Valentine's Day Dinner in February 2013. Installation of the windows was done expertly and at no cost by parishioners Tim Gothers and Steve Davis. To all, much thanks.